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Alex Marszalkowski w: CowsAlex Marszalkowski is a fourth generation farmer in our great community, raised with the ideals of family, hard work and integrity.  Marszalkowski will bring a new energy and fresh ideas to the State House, which will be a welcomed addition to the State Assembly.  Marszalkowski plans to work tirelessly for an improved Rhode Island economy and business climate.  Advocating for affordable college tuition and student-loan assistance.  Marszalkowski will also continue his fight to preserve Cumberland’s quality of life and our beautiful open space.

Alex Cow BarnMarszalkowski was born and raised in a world that required extreme amounts of hard work, reliability and perseverance.  Work had to be done on the farm, whether it was raining, snowing or 100 degrees.  Marszalkowski had roles that left him solely accountable for his actions at a very young age.  Marszalkowski was responsible for the health and well being of numerous animals, often requiring long hours of care and nurturing to ensure their survival.  Marszalkowski will continue to utilize his steadfast dependability, work ethic, and integrity while serving his community.

As a licensed attorney, Marszalkowski has the legal knowledgeAlex Marszalkowski Office and expertise to confront even the most complex issues.  Often required to bring two opposing parties, with extremely different views, into a compromise.  Marszalkowski has the experience necessary to get our government up and running.  Promoting bipartisanship and encouraging the ideals of civic duty as oppose to self promotion many of our politicians seek.

Family is a cornerstone of Marszalkowski’s beliefs, saying: “I could not have accomplished a fraction of what I have if it wasn’t for the support and guidance of those closest to me”.

Pictured below is how Marszalkowski would relax while in law school and working full time at a local firm; he would come back home to Adams Farm and help with haying season!

Alex Hay Alex Marszalkowski Tractor

Having unique experiences in both the professional, office world and the more blue collar experience of farming, Marszalkowski is in a great position to bridge the ever growing gap between politicians and their constituents.  Marszalkowski will speak for every member of his community and will always put YOU first!